Art By Hille​​​​​​​

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Hello! Welcome to my collection of work. I am a 22 year old Ball State university graduate with a bachelor of fine arts degree in photography and intermedia arts, which I imagine is pretty obvious through my work! I enjoy exploring new ways to capture the human figure and create photographs that trigger emotions in people. Outside of photography I am fascinated with exploring astrology and dabbling in oil paints. I have a cat (pictured below) named Catherine because I couldn't tell the vet her name was Cat, plus she thinks she is royalty, so the name stuck. 
I find that with a lot of the things I do, very much so in photography, it is the accidents and unexpected moments I am drawn to and remember most, like the unplanned photoshoots, random bursts of inspiration, and ending up with a cat who became the light of my life. These are the captured moments that I never expected to create, and in time, I hope to have the same reaction, but in a new light. 
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