Art By Hille​​​​​​​

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Hello! Welcome to my collection of work. As of last year I have become a Bostonian! Moving to Boston has always been a goal of mine not only as a way to explore outside of the midwest, but to find new ways to explore and create art. I enjoy exploring the human figure and creating photographs that trigger emotions in people. My biggest goal aside from producing art, is creating environments where people feel comfortable in front of my camera, as well as confident in their own skin. The first priority for my photography is that myself and my models are comfortable and excited for each project. I find that with a lot of the things I do, very much so in photography, it is the accidents and unexpected moments I am drawn to and remember most, like the unplanned photoshoots, random bursts of inspiration, and ending up with a cat who became the light of my life. These are the captured moments that I never expected to create, and in time, I hope to have the same reaction, but in a new light. 
Outside of photography I am fascinated with exploring astrology and dabbling in oil paints. I have a cat (pictured below) named Catherine because I couldn't tell the vet her name was Cat, plus she thinks she is royalty, so the name stuck. 
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